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What makes you feel alive? Walking amid fragrant lavender fields of Provence? Hiking in a redwood forest? Maybe it's relaxing in a hammock on a tropical island or a weekend trip to Carmel. Ajne captures your favorite places and feelings via our scent memory technology. Our 100% natural essential oils impart healing benefits that cannot be found in commercial fragrances and plug-ins. And our pollen-free scents safely eliminate airborne germs and pollutants. We invite you to build an entire scent library for every mood.

The inspiration: In 2005, we were approached by Four Seasons Hotels. They were seeking to scent premier properties, but they wanted the scent to be 100% natural and they wanted it to capture the smell of the area's natural ambience. Thus, Jane began her quest to create safe, pollen-free 100% natural scent memory blends for some of the world's most well known resorts, businesses, aquariums and even hospitals. We invite you to peruse our library of scents or develop one of your own. Ajne scents spaces as small as a closet to as large as 500,000+ cubic feet.

Usage: Fill into one of our ambient scent devices per specified instructions.

The mixture: Our proprietary formula of 100% natural essential oils and absolutes distilled from flowers, fruit, citrus, seeds, grasses, leaves, bark, wood and spices via cold press, hydro, steam, CO2 or soxlet extraction and blended into a base of organic jojoba oil or grain spirits. Anti-fungal. Anti-viral. Anti-microbial. Anti-bacterial. Pollen-free.

The size: Available in 0.5 fl oz | 15ml  -  2.0 fl oz | 60ml  - 4.0 fl oz | 120ml

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